Tuesday, February 18, 2003

green tea actually tastes pretty good.
and everyday seems so incomplete
till you walk into the room....

could listen to this song forever..
freaking A i need to learn basic html now this is getting on my nervessssssssss!
i will actually use this thing i swear!

life is so-so right now - im all jumbled up inside and im really not sure what the hell i want anymore, but then again who does? i still want this certain guy who makes my heart literally race and yet i have this perfectly great guy and i can't seem to get myself to really like him - my conclusion: love sucks!!!

listening to david gray right now, "be mine" from the latest cd - quality song.

*wishing on a star*

laur xxx

Monday, February 03, 2003

grrrrr.....technology sucks sometimes - or maybe im just dumb, yeah thats probably it!
hmmmm...now will i actually keep this up?